On my fourteenth birthday, I ate ice cream cake.

He doesn't understand English.

He came across a wolf.

Buckwheat has become more expensive.

She tried to lower her expenses.

I don't have any siblings.

Tarmi handed Johan the money.

I hear he is in bad health these days.

I was chilled with fear.

I'm sorry, that flight is full.

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The price doesn't include consumption tax.

They blame Terrance for everything.

I can go wherever you like.

It was not my mistake.

Does he intend to help us?

I knew I shouldn't have done that.

Ruth decided to give up city life and live in the country.

She tried to keep her presence of mind.

You'd have to be a fool to go fishing in the ocean in this weather.

Do you think Lynne will actually do all that?

You know Marty better than anybody.


We didn't exactly hit it off.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

Sho donated $30,000 to charity last year.


I'm just a messenger.

I've already eaten all my lunch!

Starbuck arrived minutes later.

It's been ten years since I came to Japan.

His heart sank to his boots.

He grafted a pear on the quince.

It's that time again! Wake up.


I'd like a shot of tequila.

The dog looked at his master with anxiety.

It's probably not a good idea to do that now.

Violent criminals were often bullies in childhood.

Hunger is one of the strongest griefs.

I have something to tell him.

There was nothing to do but wait until the next morning.


I am not sanguine that the negotiations will succeed.

Are you seeing someone?

Remember what we talked about last night?

His failure resulted from his carelessness.

Just go back to sleep.

What do you want me to explain?

Sanjib and Sue love each other.

I can hope for a miracle, can't I?

I come to school by bus.

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Alastair is older than I.

I must do it now.

I won't allow it!


The Olympics are starting today. What are you feeling?

I asked him out and he said yes.

Murat lived in Boston for a while.

When we're children, everything around us looks so big.

I knew I had to stop.

Don't interrupt me! Can't you see I am talking?

How do you want me to handle this?

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Why don't you help her out?


I'll just check.


Ya look nice in your kennel.

I'm sorry if this comes as a shock, but I don't care what you think.

Polly was having a good day in his new home.

What would the world be without women?

"What did you think of the movie?" "It was okay, I guess."


She offered me a beer.

That book was so boring that I couldn't finish it.

That's too risky.

Fortunately, I have a green thumb.

Takayuki showed me a magic trick.

I'm not frightened.

The best approach to Lisbon is by sea.

Fizzy water isn't very popular in the United States.

You must hurry up, or you will miss the express.

He's working on the president's security detail.

He made big money.

Laurel said he heard Stephe threaten to kill John.

Just follow my lead.

That went well.

There has to be a first time for everything.


Are these all the same price?

The permanent population isn't big.

The train was going 500 miles per hour.

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Look up more.

That girl looks very pretty.

The knife is dirty.

Do you have any plans for Saturday?

I'd like to apologise to Volgograd's police.

They are running now.

My watch may be one or two minutes fast.

Bill did not commit the crime.

The boy knows how to throw a curve.


I recognized her as soon as I saw her.

These flowers have a really nice fragrance.

He likes sleeping.


I wasn't always this fat.


The lamb was killed by the wolf.

Justin might be able to help you with your problem.

Seenu was in Boston when his house burned down.


You look like a million bucks.

Masanao tried to profit from the tragedy by creating a false Facebook page to collect donations.

How could Naren do this now?

Kanthan has lost quite a lot of weight.

Are you sure everything's OK?

His wife drinks really like a fish.

Scientists haven't found a cure for cancer yet.

There are many parks in our town.

Thanks for your support!

The boy doesn't see the letter.

Have you ever had a stillbirth?

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He is deservedly popular.

I have a brother who's the same age as you.

The minister was caught lying to the corruption enquiry and was forced to resign.

Confidence is half the battle in learning to speak another language.

Who's your favorite fictional character?

The site of the castle is now a park.

We can travel through time. And we do at the remarkable rate of one second per second.

Many, however, may wish to know more about this remarkable people from the outset, while some may not possess the earlier book.

Po spread some strawberry jam on a slice of bread.

Don't get rough with Ritalynne.

The soldiers had artillery.

Every rare thing is expensive, besides a cheap horse is rare, therefore a cheap horse is expensive.

I understand how much you want to go to the party, but I can't let you go.

It's still closed.

Animals live in many places and in great numbers, too.

You go there without me.

I used to play piano long ago, so I can still play a little.

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"Why did you do it?" "Because I can."


Andrew is wearing a new pair of shoes.

It's likely to happen.

How much distance could you accept in a long distance relationship?

I feel ready to go.

Panacea seems upset.

You can understand French, can't you?

I'm starting to enjoy it.

It is necessary to do some exercise every day.

What a charming girl you are!

The government started tax reform.

Trent didn't have a case for his guitar.

Could you remind me when the meeting starts?

What a terrible day!

He has a prejudice against jazz.

Daniel will go to the supermarket for you and buy whatever you need.

I know it's the right thing.

His ideas never earned him even one penny.

Our two heroes having deserted this sentence, their adventures seemed to be willing to end precisely with this word.

The translators of the New Testament were considered heretics.


Manuel and Joon exchanged seats with each other.

They are threshing wheat.

I thought you said Irfan was married.

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I'll handle that later.

In Japan there are a lot of beautiful places.

Can we meet somewhere?

I'm not angry anymore.

It is a moral question.

Ramadoss asked how much the ticket cost.

You should on no condition touch these instruments.

Could you dust the table?

There was silence as the judge pronounced sentence.

What a cute baby! May I hold her?

The bus stopped to take up passengers.

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My third husband bought me this.

I want a refund.

My mother boiled ten eggs.

Matthias made me hurry.

Do you think I could talk to Cindy?

I have the ace of clubs.

Murthy predicted that would happen.

The future belongs to God.

I'll buy you a beer.

I could not help but state my opinion.

This steel is stainless.

Please tell me you didn't actually do it.

I loved it in Boston.

She speaks French fluently.

I know what I will do.

We need water.

I don't think television will take the place of books.